Antique Brass Vase

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Material: Brass

Weight: 1.06 kg

Width: 3.93 inch

Height: 12.59 inch

Usage: Home decor, gifting and worshipping


Presenting our gorgeous, handcrafted Brass Vase, the pinnacle of grace, elegance, and traditional charm for your living area. This elegant vase was meticulously handmade by professional artisans and features a complex, timeless design that is always in vogue. This brass vase is a beautiful addition to your home’s decor and works well in both contemporary and traditional settings.

The natural potential of this brass vase to infuse your home with optimism and positive energy is one of the key characteristics that genuinely distinguishes it. An alloy of copper and zinc, recognised for their healing and energising qualities, is called brass. We regard brass artefacts as attracting riches, prosperity, and happiness in conventional practises like Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.


  • Brass

Where to keep it?

  • North or east side of your living room, as these directions are associated with wealth and harmony, respectively.

4 reviews for Antique Brass Vase

  1. Anubha singh

    Loved the product in my house

    • Maydee (verified owner)

      Thankyou ma’am Please shop again

  2. Emily

    The antique brass vase adds a touch of elegance to my living room. Love its vintage charm!

  3. James

    This vase is a beautiful blend of craftsmanship and artistry. It enhances the beauty of any floral arrangement.

  4. Sunita Das

    Its elegant design and brass material add sophistication to any setting. The pot’s size and drainage hole ensure healthy plant growth. With excellent durability

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