Brass Brown Color Musician (Shehnai)

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Material: Brass
Weight: 1835 gm
Width: 8.66 inch
Height: 13.77 inch
Usage: Home decor and gifting

Original price was: ₹7,364.00.Current price is: ₹4,200.00.

This beautiful musician figurine made with top-notch brass pays tribute to Indian classical music's long-lasting heritage.

Ideal for adorning walls, doorways, or windows, the Hanging Vintage Brass Musician (Shehnai) serves as a delightful reminder of the power of music to uplift and inspire. As per Vastu Shastra, when you place this wonderful item in the northwest corner of your living room, it will bring in positive energy, balance, and promote relationships.

Hold the Hanging Vintage Brass Musician (Shehnai) and let the music bring joy and unity to your home.


  • Brass

Where to keep it?

  • Northwest corner of your living room
  • Hold the Hanging

1 review for Brass Brown Color Musician (Shehnai)

  1. Sunanina

    The vintage brass musician shehnai is a true treasure. Its intricate design and rich tones make it a delightful addition to any music lover’s collection. It beautifully captures the essence of Indian classical music and adds a touch of elegance to my home decor.

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